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 ( 7-25-11)





I am blown away by the results I've had using the MRS-2000 (aka “the Mat”).


On April 21, 2011, I injured my right foot.  Surgery on the foot was delayed for 11 days to allow my Coumadin level to come down.  While waiting for surgery, the swelling came down tremendously.  Above (middle) is the “pre-op” picture of my foot taken on May 2.  The black spot on the top of the foot is a hematoma, bleeding under the skin, the reason for the surgery.  Surgery was supposed to be on an out-patient basis, but things didn't go well.  I was in the hospital for 4 days.


Of all the physical problems I've had in my 76 years of life (broken foot - basketball, broken leg - ice skating, broken arm - roller skating, broken kneecap - icy stairs, and 6 previous foot surgeries), this latest foot injury was the worst. After surgery, my foot swelled badly with any walking and was dark colored from the lack of circulation.  From April 21 until mid-June, I was in horrific pain, and if I had to go farther than the bathroom or kitchen from my bedroom,  I had to use a wheelchair.  The pain and cabin fever were getting to me.


Even though I was dubious about the efficacy of the Mat, I was so desperate that I decided to give it a try.  Greg Larsen instructed me on protocols.  I began them on June 14.


My Mat results have been almost unbelievable!  Within 5 days of using the Mat and Pillow Pad three times a day, the pain and swelling in my foot were gone!  I could again walk, wearing normal shoes.  I was, of course, elated!  Above (right) is the “post-Mat” picture of my foot.


Another medical biggie!  I was scheduled for surgery on another body part on July 13, but after a couple of weeks on the Mat I realized my daily symptoms had simply disappeared!  I called the surgeon and cancelled that surgery.


Other improvements!  Before the Mat and upon awakening, I always had back discomfort and was bent forward at the waist.  All this would go away after being up awhile.  After 2 weeks on the Mat, I realized one morning that my back didn’t hurt and my posture was perfect the instant I was out of bed.  I'm convinced the Mat has increased my circulation.


Also to my great surprise, I began noticing I was sleeping better and had increased energy and vitality, a new glint in my eyes.  I am well aware of the placebo effect.  I do not believe my results were placebo-based, because I did not expect them.


Another big life change!  For about 6 months, I had been on the waiting list for an apartment in an upscale retirement complex and one had finally become available.  With all the limitations I had been experiencing in recent years, accentuated by my foot ordeal, I felt I should live where I had immediate, extensive care services.  My friends had been wonderful during everything, but I did not like being dependent on them.  Then it hit me.  I'm fine!  I'm great!  I don't need a high care facility.  I called and cancelled the apartment on which I was going to put a deposit the following week.


Overall, I feel energized, as thought I were a clock that had run down and was then wound up.  I am amazed and overjoyed!  I am not exaggerating when I say that the MRS-2000 has changed my life.  I feel 10-15 years younger and am now “addicted” to the Mat.


Helen S.

Texas, USA

© 2011 Greg Larsen


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