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Woman lying on full-body Mat with Control Unit nearby. Compatible with adults, children, and pets.

iMRS Fauna PEMF Control Unit. It controls the Fauna Applicators via a special SD card. Triple Sawtooth wave Blankets = 70 uT max. Square wave Leggings = 200 uT max.

VIDEO [2:18 min.]  click : Horse getting a session with the Fauna System. The PEMF energy is generated by the black, wire loop coil Blankets hanging on either side of the horse. It is easy to do multiple horses, assembly-line style.

Fauna System Legging Applicators. These allow PEMF energy to be directed into the crucial leg joints. Especially "rewarding" when used on a race horse.


VIDEO [7:37 min.]  click . The MRS-2000 Full-body Mat appears to literally save this mare from dying of shipping fever! Very touching story! Animals have no placebo effect! Disclaimer: Educational only.

VIDEO [5:04 min.]  click . The MRS-2000 Full-body Mat appears to greatly mitigate cushings disease in this horse! Very impressive! Animals have no placebo effectDisclaimer: Educational only.

VIDEO [1:25 min.]  click . Broken leg of a racehorse, Designed for Luck, is assisted by PEMF, and he goes on to win races! Amazing! Animals have no placebo effect! Small pic is PEMF with human boneDisclaimer: Educational  only.

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