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  1  -  PROMOTIONS.  


During FEB 2020, every iMRS WELLFIT UNIT ($3,775), iMRS COMPLETE UNIT ($4,565) and iMRS PRO UNIT ($5,545) comes with a FREE iSLRS ACCESSORY (sound & light relaxation system, aka brain entrainment, a savings of $699)! RENTALS commenced during FEB 2020 are also entitled to this same promotional pricing, upon purchase. 3 year warranty is automatic. Please call us for easy-peasy, 0% financing solutions!

 CANADIANS:  After 4-1-16, multiply U.S. prices by 1.3x to get approximate Canadian pricing -or- call for exact Canadian pricing.


 SHOPPING ALERT #1:  If you have an older Price List, please note the the Company raised prices by about 5% on 1-1-18.

 SHOPPING ALERT #2:  Prices and promotions are set by the Company (not Reps), so price shopping among Reps is really pointless. Conversely, training is done by Reps (not the company). We have had a dedicated training program for 10 years and have trained thousands of people. So, talk to us first -- avoid the fast talking sales types -- there are a number of "tricks of the trade" that only a very experienced Rep will know and videos can't teach you. Superior training truly does lead to superior results!

 SHOPPING ALERT #3:  Please note that some websites selling the iMRS play games with the name of the product in an attempt to make you think they are selling a newer or better product. For example, both and call the iMRS the "new 2020 iMRS 2000" or "2020 iMRS".  Sorry, there is no such product! The Company's flagship PEMF product has been for years, and still is simply, the iMRS. If you want honest, tell-it-like-it-is information for the iMRS, please call us. You will not be disappointed with our detailed information and training!  Caveat emptor!

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  2  -  RENTAL.  

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An iMRS PEMF UNIT can now be RENTED for 1 MONTH for $500 to make sure you like it before buying, as no return on a purchase. Upon purchase, the entire rental fee is DEDUCTED from your purchase price. This is what we call a "NO PENALTY" RENTAL.  Further, renting in a promotion month PRESERVES your right to the promotion, even if you purchase the following month when there is no promotion. This is what we call a "PROMO LOCK" RENTAL.

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  3  -  PEMF  MODELS.  

CU = Control Unit + power cord  |  MAT = Full-body Mat applicator  |  PP = Pillow-Pad applicator.

iMRS PRO UNIT  =  CU + MAT + PP + WAND  |  MAX INTENSITY = 400  |  TIMER = 60 min.  |  iGUIDE  PROMO  

iMRS COMPLETE UNIT  =  CU + MAT + PP + WAND  |  MAX INTENSITY = 400  |  TIMER = 24 min.

iMRS WELLFIT UNIT  =  CU + MAT + PP + [no WAND]  |  MAX INTENSITY = 200  |  TIMER = 24 min.


iMRS PRO SET  =  PRO UNIT + iMORE (heart HRV biofeedback) + iSLRS (brain entrainment).   PROMO  

iMRS COMPLETE SET  =  COMPLETE UNIT + iMORE (heart HRV biofeedback) + iSLRS (brain entrainment).

iMRS WELLFIT SET  =  WELLFIT UNIT + iMORE (heart HRV biofeedback) + iSLRS (brain entrainment).

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  4  -  RENT  or  PURCHASE.  

iMRS Advisor Standing By!

CALL our PEMF Expert at 415-272-2171 (daily, 8-8 PST) to Rent-or-Purchase your iMRS Unit.


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