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When discussing PEMF, we are talking about pulsed electromagnetic energy (EM), not static magnetic energy as with a refrigerator magnet or an older-style magnetic bed pad.


Here are just a few of the reasons why PEMF may be a game changer in the rejuvenation and ongoing wellness of yourself, your patients-clients-family-friends, and your dogs-cats-horses:








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"Electromagnetic energy is the fundamental energy upon which all living organisms depend."

Prof. Dr. Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976), German Theoretical Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner  click .


"PEMF is a benefit for mankind - from infant to geriatric.  PEMF will lead to a change in the paradigm in medicine."  Dr. Linus Pauling (1901-1994), American Chemist and 2x Nobel Prize Winner  click .

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), Inventor-Electrical Engineer- Mechanical Engineer-Physicist-Futurist-Genius  click .


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When ranking the myriad of things you can do for wellness, to ascertain the top ones, just ask yourself one, simple, key question. What will kill me the fastest if I am deprived of it? This immediately tells you what is critical to wellness.


Obviously, oxygen is at the top of that list - 3 minutes without oxygen and you're a goner  click . Next, we think of water, but you can go days without water and, of course, weeks without food.

Now, how important is magnetic energy to human wellness? As it turns out, "organic", Earth-compliant, magnetic energy (low frequency, low intensity) is also absolutely crucial to anti-aging and wellness!

Magnetic therapy dates as far back as the ancient Egyptians. As early as 200 B.C., Chinese healers were said to use magnetic lodestones or magnetite on the body to correct unhealthy imbalances in the flow of qi, or energy.

Modern humans first discovered how important Earth magnetic energy is to every living thing on Earth (butterflies to elephants) when the first astronauts and cosmonauts were launched into orbit, where the Earth's magnetic field was very weak. In only 1-2 hours, they were greatly afflicted -- mentally, emotionally, and physically. On long space flights, they lost 80% of their bone density. Obviously, this was a major problem, demanding a solution.


The solution turned out to be man-made magnetic wave generators based on the work of German physicist Dr. W.O. Schumann, who, circa 1952, calculated the Earth's predominant magnetic frequency to be a mere 7.83 Hz.  When space travelers were equipped with these early PEMF devices to simulate the Earth's magnetic field, the problem of "space sickness" disappeared.  Problem solved.


Then, someone had another bright idea. Since the PEMF results achieved in space were so spectacular, what could PEMF do back on Earth? Subsequent, successful experiments on Earth led to the birth of the world-wide PEMF industry, initially addressing bone growth and un-united fractures (non-unions) and later addressing over 200 human conditions.


Dr. Dean Bonlie, DDS: Scientists have determined that the Earth has lost 90% of its magnetic field over the last 4,000 years by taking samples of lava flows from volcanos at different times in the Earth's history and studying the alignment of the little magnetite crystals in the lava. The more aligned they are, the greater the magnetic field was at the time. This is called hysteresis and is a well-known procedure used by geologists to determine the age of rocks. The early cosmonauts suffered physiological effects when they were outside the Earth's magnetic field (in orbit) for extended periods, eg. they lost 80% of their bone density. Spacecraft are now equipped with magnetic generators (PEMF devices) to eliminate the problems associated with magnetic field deficiencyMu metal, a nickel-iron alloy of which you have probably never heard, is very effective at blocking low energy magnetic fields, like the Earth's  click .  Magnetic Deficiency anyone Valerie Hunt, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at University of California Los Angeles and Director of the Bioenergy Fields Laboratory, placed 2 human subjects in a Mu metal cage to create a near-Zero Magnetic Field Environment to investigate the effect of magnetic field deficiency. Said subjects were connected to EEG, EMG, and ECG devices. To her amazement, in just a few minutes they began to sob and said they felt like they were "falling apart" emotionally. In a few more minutes, starting at their feet, they began losing muscle control and coordination, followed by abnormal cardiac readings, forcing her to yank them out of the cage before they had a heart attack! And, all this in just a matter of minutes!  click Moral: Without sufficient magnetic energy, the human body starts to die in minutes!


Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD.  250 million years ago, the Earth's magnetic field was at 300 gauss4,000 years ago, it was at 5 gauss. Today, it is 0.5 gauss. Thus, the Earth has lost over 70-80% of its magnetic field in just the last 4,000 years. Now, 80% of the human brain is composed of astrocyte cells. These cells generate electricity that create a pulsed electromagnetic field that interplays with the Earth's magnetic field to create a steady, health-supportive, negative magnetic field in our bodies needed to enhance all the cellular electromagnetic reactions in our bodies. During sleep, the Earth's magnetic field and our brains work synergistically to create a heightened magnetic resonance, which creates all sorts of health and youthful benefits. This magnetic resonance matches and strengthens the frequency of various organs and tisues in our bodies and dramatically improves the bio-chemical reactions in the body, helping to repair damaged cells, produce enzymes, and strengthen immunity. This electromagnetic restorative process is essential to our health, growth, and even longevity.  Anti-aging anyone?  Dr. Gumiel, Dr. of Science, found that enhanced magnetic fields could increase the lifespan of 23 different species of insects an average of 5x, compared to the control groups, and the lifespan of human tissue cells by 2.5x!  Detox anyone?  Enhanced magnetic fields result in a significant excretion of arsenic, lead, mercury, nickel, and tin in urine samples, evidence of increased cellular detoxification  click .

Kyoichi Nakagawa, MD., a Japanese rheumatologist and one of the world's foremost authorities on magnetism, claims that the steady decline of the Earth's magnetic field, combined with the modern, high frequency, high intensity electronic environment (MHz and GHz cell phones, computers, microwaves, radars, satellites, smart meters, Wi-Fi, wireless routers, etc), is responsible for  "Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome"  in today's humans  click . p.s. MHz = Millions of Hz, and GHz = Billions of Hz.













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