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( Presented solely for educational purposes -- no claim is expressed or implied that the VOXX technology can diagnose-treat-cure any condition. Rather, the Voxx Neurological products merely pattern signals the Mid-Brain and Autonomic Nervous System to enter a state of homeostasis or equilibrium and the body does the rest on its own. )

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C Clarke.

  • INEXPENSIVE -- $30-45.








  # 1  -  INSTANT PROOF !!  

TREMORS DUE TO MS [1:42 min.]: Daisy has had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 20 years and has very visible shaking as a result. Note how her shaking stops-starts the instant she is on-off the Voxx insoles. Note also that she is wearing her own non-Voxx, thick socks, so the Voxx effect is not from something touching her skin. WOW!

NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS [13:26 min.]: Kevin Osborne demonstrates the huge, instant difference the Voxx products make in his lifelong, neurological disorders with the assistance of Dr. Eugene Van Onselen. WOW!

TREMORS DUE TO MS + PAIN [watch full screen, 5:30 min.]: Christy Heller (45) has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) tremors, pain in the ankles-knees-legs-back for 5 years, and is legally blind. Watch her amazing response to the Voxx products. Of course, her response to the Voxx technology was extraordinary, and may not be typical. Editor: I personally know the cameraman for this video, Calvin. Six days after this video, we did a follow-up interview with Christy by phone. She told us that, just prior to the video, she had only stood on Carolyn's insoles for about 3 seconds and at that time she only noticed an improvement in balance -- she was not on them long enough to notice the pain mitigation that she noticed in the video. In the interview, Christy further stated that she has had serious migraines every 3 days for many years, but they stopped totally with the wearing of the Voxx products. Christy remains over-the-top estatic and passionate about how the Voxx products have helped her. WOW!

HRV EXPERIMENT [4:11 min.]: HRV = Heart Rate Variability = the time interval between your heart beats. A higher HRV is associated with better health and longevity.

= = =


KAILEE DAVEY [1:43 min.]: Watch a young woman's gymnastic poses become rock solid!

DR. SHANE FRYIA, DC + TED PATTERSON [6:45 min.]  click : Learn how to do the balance tests with the Voxx products.

JAY DHALIWAL, VOXX CEO [2:30 min.]: Watch a petite woman become unmovable!

= = =


ARTHRITIS, CHRONIC FATIGUE, FIBROMYALGIA, LYME DISEASE [1:58 min.]: Literally overnight, the Voxx socks cut her seizure meds in half. In 3 days, they extended her pain-free walking limit from 30 minutes max to 4+ hours!

BUNION, CROOKED TOES [1:30 min.]: Mary Lou suffered the pain and discomfort of a bunion for years. It caused her big toe to slide under the toe next to it. The Voxx socks straightened out her toes in 12 hours!

LUPUS [2:37 min.]: Kay Murphy suffered a lot of joint and nerve pain from lupus, enough to even prevent her from walking at times. Almost immediately, she notice at least a 30% reduction in pain!

MIGRAINES [4:29 min.]: Kathy Cantwell suffered debilitating migraines until she got her Voxx socks.

MS SUFFER [3:21 min.]: Melanie Gaunt declares the Voxx products to be "Mind-blowing and Life Changing" and says wearing them takes her MS back 10-12 years!

VERTIGO FROM CONCUSSION [2:25 min.]: Kyle Dawson suffered a serious football concussion injury and would get vertigo and black out just getting up from a couch. The Voxx socks gave him instant relief from these symptoms.

VARIOUS - Fibromyalgia / Diabetes / Pain / Sports / MS / Nerve Damage  click .

VOXX LIFE STUDY re Painful Diabetic Neuropathy in Feet  click . In this study of 1,000 people, conducted by Dr. Stephen Taylor and Jason Devos, the Voxx socks were worn for 1 week by people who (1) had a confirmed diagnosis of diabetes exceeding 10 years, (2) had a history of  Level 4 or higher painful diabetic neuropathy pain exceeding 90 days, (3) had no foot condition that would prevent the wearing of socks, and (4) regularly wore standard diabetes approved socks.  RESULTS: With the CONTROL GROUP (standard diabetes socks), the mean pain score (max 10) was 6.925 ("Interfered with Tasks") with 100% of this group having a pain Level ABOVE 4. With the VOXX GROUP, the mean pain score was only 1.806 ("Can Be Ignored") with 95.5% of this group having a pain Level BELOW 4 and 76.9% of this group having a pain Level BELOW 2While 1.3% of Voxx subjects had an increase in pain and 4.6%  of Voxx subjects had no change in pain, it is a fact that 94.1% of this group did notice a statistically significant decrease in pain!

= = =


GOLF [1:42 min.]: Jay Dhaliwal (Voxx Founder & CEO) talks about how Golf Lab proved empirically that Voxx products dramatically improve your golf game! For more details on the results found by Golf Lab  click .


FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 2-1-17: "My brother is an awesome golfer (addicted to it) and he played on the same course for 10 years. He could never break 70 and it was on his 'Bucket List'.  One day, I said hey bro try these [Voxx] socks out ... they are a very comfortable performance sock.  Sure enough the next time he went golfing he wore the socks and little did he know that he was about to scratch [something off his Bucket List] cause he shot a 68 and was dumfounded.  When I explained the technology to him and showed him a demo, he [then understood] why he was hitting the ball further, had dialed-in accuracy, [and why he] felt calm and focused."

GOLF [1:56 min.]: John Atherton, CPGA golfer, talks about how Voxx socks helped his professional golf career.

EX-IRONMAN COMPETITOR, DAVID TANNER [3:04 min.]: At age 80, on his regular 3 mile trail run, David Tanner shaved 7.55 minutes off his previous time of 54.77 minutes. That's a 13.8% improvement!  WOW!

EX-IRONMAN COMPETITOR, DAVID TANNER [5:17 min.]: Judge for yourself the rest of David Tanner's Voxx tests at the gym.

= = =

VOXX - 2
VOXX - 3
VOXX - 4
VOXX - 5


Personal Testimony (Maura T, CA) on 5-4-17: "A client in his mid-60s, suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and neuropathy, came in for a session. I asked if he wanted to try on these new [Voxx] insoles that I had that helped with pain relief among other things, and he said yes. I did not explain much at all, as I wanted to find out what he felt without a possible placebo effect. Within probably 2 minutes he looked at me in surprise and said: 'I am feeling sensation, tingling, in my legs! I don't usually have feelings there.' He kept the insoles on for about 1 hour as we worked on other things and at the end I asked him if he would take them off and tell me what he noticed. Within a very short time, 1 or 2 minutes, he told me that he was losing feeling in his legs. Needless to say I didn't have to convince him . . . he asked to buy the insoles!  Editor: This story was told to me first person.

Personal Testimony (Shelley E, CA) on 5-2-17: "My 68-year old husband is an architect and recently traveled to the Bahamas on a 6-hour redeye flight. He was wearing the Voxx insoles all day while on this trip and experienced an incredible new level of energy while working day and night on the client’s private jet and while in the Bahamas. The client, a high-powered billionaire in his fifties who travels the world, and one of my husband’s firm’s 52-year old principals, who is also used to regular travel, were traveling with him, and both experienced decreased levels in energy while on this trip, had to take naps during the day because of jet lag, and went to bed early because they were so exhausted from the 14-hour working days. My husband, on the other hand, needed no naps, breaks or extra sleep. He amazed the other two men with his quick design solutions to problems that were stumping everyone else. His brain felt more clear and focused than ever, and he didn’t even need his regular cups of coffee twice a day to keep his energy up. While the other two men were napping or taking breaks, he walked around the resort where he was staying and had a great time. His flight home was at 3 am in the morning, California time, and when he arrived home in SoCal he was full of energy, no jet lag, and kept going until about 9 pm - a good 18 hours after he left the Bahamas!! Needless to say, he’s excited about trying the socks with the insoles, to see if his energy improves even more. Because he has a very slow metabolism, and usually does not have this kind of sustained, 24/7 energy, it cannot be because of anything else but the Voxx insolesThis product is amazing!" Editor: This story was told to me first person.

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 4-18-17: "[My daughter] has ADHD and is just so busy mentally wise she finds herself running into things, tripping and falling, impatient, obsessive and constantly on the go. We were out shopping for 4 hours and she seemed more alert, more relaxed not so busy and this whole time she has the socks on. Socks are now off, as she had a bath, and she's already banged into the wall twice and almost fell once, she's back and fourth between doing things and her focus is just not as good as I noticed with the socks on."

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 4-13-17: "Gave my BF his first pair of [Voxx] socks on Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday at supper I asked soooooo anything different. He looked at me and said, 'Well, my ankles still hurt, but my calves don't anymore, and I haven't had a headache all day (he suffers bad headaches/migraines daily). So today I asked him how he was feeling, "Body feels great, ankles still sore and still no headache. Anyone who knows him, knows how he suffers his headaches/migraines.  Way to go Voxx socks."

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 4-7-17: "Voxx socks and insoles have honestly changed my life. I am a diabetic, I suffer from diabetic neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, gout, double sciaticalower back pain and the list goes on. I was taking 17 prescriptions and 3 narcotics trying to deal with my pain. My days seemed cloudy at best and I was in constant pain. I began wearing my Voxx socks and insoles last July. I am [now] 99.9% pain free. I no longer cry out in pain . . . I no longer take all those medications . . . I have way more energy . . . I can walk and shop again[.] I still have all those ailments but I have no pain as long as I'm wearing my product. Even my [doctor] told me there are no medicines or surgery [...] that can give me more than what I'm getting from [Voxx]."

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 4-3-17: "I picked up a few pairs [Voxx socks] earlier this week. I'm approx 36 hours in. My plantar fasciitis had subsided a great deal. It's barely noticeable and I only feel it when I actually focus on it. Again pain is mild. This after months of agonizing pain and some days hardly able to walk. [...] Another huge benefit is I've had two very restful nights sleep and feel energized when I wake up . . . not dragging myself out of bed! Two very huge improvements for my quality of life already!"

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 4-3-17: "I have to say I was skeptical about trying these. I thought how can a pair of [Voxx] socks help with the arthritis in my knees? Well I have worn them for two days now and I can't believe how much a difference they have made. The pain had almost disappeared and I managed to stay away from any pain meds."

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 4-2-17: "Then yesterday I did the same test on one of my Parkinson's Patient . . . 47, 41, 39 . . . with [Voxx] socks 17, 12, 9!  Her dyskinesia and tremors was reduced dramatically!"

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 3-31-17: "Today is the first day two of my family members wore their new [Voxx] socks! My husband is a busy foreman and clocks a good 15,000 steps on his counter daily! He has constant knee pain and "cracking" when he bends his knee. By 2 pm today he said to me; "I can't believe it, my knee doesn't hurt?!!  And I'm even trying to make it crack and it won't!  WOW! My 14 year old, volleyball playing daughter wore them today at her tournament. Definitely saw an increase in her jump height, balanceposture, strength and really just overall endurance! Less fatigued! She'll be wearing those all weekend for this tournament!"

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 3-27-17: "It's been quite a few years since I could just sit and relax. Anxiety and ADHD make it difficult to just sit and watch TV. I'm always doing something else while I watch a show. NOT anymore. VoxxLife [socks] has settled my brain and I can enjoy sitting, just sitting! This may not seem like much to some people, but if you know anything about either one, you'll understand what an accomplishment this is and how 'freeing' it feels. [...] These are not just a pair of 'magic socks' like I first thought. The technology is real and was a life changer for me!"

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 3-26-17: "There was one person that I hoped more then anything these [Voxx] socks would help . . . my Dad . . . he has had bypass surgery and another heart attack just last year when he was told there was nothing more they could do but medicate. He had stopped sleeping because of the pressure in his chest and would sit in a chair most of the night. He was taking nitro . . . just doing the simplest of tasks walking up the [stairs] would require a shot of nitroFour nights ago he put on a pair of [Voxx] socks and said a pair of socks will not help but [he would try them] . . . [now, ] four nights in a row he has only woken up once with a little pressure but not enough to take nitroFour nights he has slept in his bed all night. [Before Voxx, he] would be dizzy when he would stand up, bend down, move too quickly almost to the point of passing out at times . . . four days ago [after starting Voxx] he had his last dizzy spell."

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 3-21-17: "Got my [Voxx] socks last Wed, the 15th. Was surprised to actually sleep straight through the night. I am usually awake at 3 am and hard to get back to sleep. Been like that for a year. Interesting, I left them off last night and guess what. Up at 2:30 [am]. Put them on and in about 15 min out for the count. Second thing, I am having almost zero plantar [fasciitis] discomfort. Third and most welcomed, I can turn my head almost 360 degrees ... lol, seriously. I noticed it when I made a lane change and I actually looked well behind my shoulderNormally was the twist the whole body drillAll these in the first 4 days of my test week. Also for the best part, my initial reason for trying these socks was for my 15 yr old daughter. She suffers from severe anxiety and depression. [...] And thus far, my sweet daughter has had a great week.  I am so hopeful these are the reason for her feeling so good."

FaceBook Post (Voxxlife Testimonials) on 3-7-17: "My mom has suffered with familial tremors for as long as I can remember. She could not write . . . apply makeup . . . hold a cup . . . serve a meal because the shaking in her hand was so severe. I recently gave my mom a pair of Voxx socks to try. I asked her to wear them 24/7 for the next few days and to let me know what/if she felt anything. I dropped her off at 1 pm one night and left for home . . . leaving my mom to get ready for bed. On my way home she called me . . . "I can't believe this . .  my hands aren't shaking!" [...] The next day she called again . . . "I can put my makeup on . . . no shaking" . . . My mom is going to be 87 next month . . . I don't need to know how these socks work . . . I just know that after 40+ years her hands aren't shaking anymore."

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 2-26-17: "The thing that made me a true believer was Voxxing my fiance. He has been on 3 kinds of prescribed pain meds for more than 10 years. He has two degenerative discs, he has sciatic nerve pain, he has restless legs syndrome so bad you would think he was having an epileptic fit through the night, he has diabetic neuropathy so bad that he's lost sensation in the first three toes, he also has plantar fasciitis, and is waiting on surgery for both shoulders. He now has zero restless legs, zero nighttime leg cramps, and is off all three of his prescribed pain meds. He can feel his toes again, he has no pain from his sciatica, and the range of motion in his shoulders is so much better! He stands straighter, he can bend and touch his toes. He calls them his Voodoo socks, and he's never taking them off again. Game changer!"

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 1-12-17: "Denise actually had a stroke 9 years ago and had very bad balance and stability, as well as not able to walk heel to toe. Guess what . . . her balance and stability is 100% better and she walked heel to toe in front of her neurologist who said she'd never be able to do so."

FaceBook Post (Health Before Wealth at Voxxlife) on 12-31-16: "As a pharmacist, I get frustrated because I can't help people who are chronic pain sufferers, who have to deal with fibromyalgia, neuropathies, side effects due to neuro- diseases, plantar fasciitis, and any condition that causes pain, lack of balance or range or movement. I tried the socks and insoles from a friend and love what they have done for my restless legs at night and have seen and heard the endless testimonies so I thought I would share this . . . THEY WORK and are surprisingly very affordable and excellent for gym people, runners, marathoners, etc. Also fabulous for the elderly for extreme balance, strength and circulation."

= = =

VOXX - 6
VOXX - 7
VOXX - 8
VOXX - 9

  # 6  -  ORDERING.  

ORDER FAQ # 1: Before proceeding with ordering, first read EVERYTHING under this section -- you will need this  information to order correctly!

ORDER FAQ # 2:  To order ONLINE from Margarita & Greg simply click here , then click on "Shop" on the menu, review your product choices, add what you want to your cart, provide a CC, and check out. To order ONLINE from ANOTHER Voxx Associate, contact that Voxx Associate for the name of their Voxx Website.

ORDER FAQ # 3: While ordering by PHONE is available, it is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED, as it burdens the staff at Voxx Headquarters - please order ONLINE when possible! To order by PHONE from Margarita & Greg, call Voxxlife at 844-550-8699, and tell them that you would like to order from Voxx Associate #  8191245  -or- Voxx Website  COOKIE . To order from ANOTHER Voxx Associate, tell Voxxlife that you would like to order from Voxx Associate #  __  -or- Voxx Website  __  as appropriate for that OTHER Voxx Associate 

ORDER FAQ # 4:  If the thickness of your ankles and calves is more "normal", then you might try the "crew socks" (more of a compression sock).  If the thickness of your ankles and calves is "larger than normal" or subject to "edema-swelling", then you might try the "wellness socks" (more loose and stretchable).  If your issues keep you from having a sound nights sleep, then you might try the "no show" socks at night -- they are less likely to overheat your feet at night.  The "insoles" are best for daytime use, easily transferable to whatever shoe you wear that day -- the Red-Rush insoles are the thinnest, the Orange-Classic insoles are thicker, and the Blue-Bliss insoles are the thickest (for max comfort for people on their feet all day). Either way, ALL Voxx products (socks and insoles) provide you with the built-in HPT Technology (bar-code-like rectangle near the ball of the foot) which provides the "magic" benefits.  For more information on which Voxx products may be best suited to you,  click here  or  click here . If you have any questions or need assistance, please first call the Voxx Associate from whom you are buying.


Athletic Socks = 65% Nylon + 32% Polyester + 3% Spandex.

Wellness Socks = 70% Cotton + 25% Polyester + 3% Spandex + 2% Nylon.

ORDER FAQ # 5: There is a trick to picking your Voxx size.  Once you click on the item you want and its page opens up, go further down that page until you find the men's and women's Voxx shoe size chart. Based on your gender and shoe size, the chart will tell you whether you need to order a S-M-L-XL Voxx size. Exceptions to Company Guidelines: Men's  max shoe size for Medium insole = 9.5Women's max shoe size for Medium Athletic sock = 10Women's max shoe size for Medium Wellness sock = 9 (Wellness socks are less stretchy than the Athletic socks).


Voxx Socks SMALL = US Women's 4-7  /  US Youth 3.5-6.5  /  EU 35-38.

Voxx Socks MEDIUM = US Men's 6-9  /  US Women's 8-11  /  EU 39-42.5.

Voxx Socks LARGE = US Men's 10-13  /  EU 43-46.

Voxx Socks X-LARGE = US Men's 14-17  /  EU 47-50.

ORDER FAQ # 6: Online, Voxxlife will now also accept Mastercard and Visa DEBIT CARDS from the U.S. if you first call ahead to your CC Company and tell them that a charge will be coming through from a Canadian company, ie. Voxx SportsAlert: Voxxlife does NOT accept American Express, even if shown on their website.

ORDER FAQ # 7: If you have any questions related to your order, including Tracking information, please first call the Voxx Associate from whom you ordered. If you have any other questions that your Voxx Associate cannot answer, you may email Voxxlife at  As a Plan B, you can try calling Customer Support at 844-550-8699, ext. 2 -- do NOT leave a message - they will NOT reply -- it may take you 5-10 calls to get through.

ORDER FAQ # 8: Voxx products are sold with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

= = =

  # 7  -  BIZ SIGN-UP.  

BIZ FAQ # 1: Before proceeding with signing-up for the Voxx Biz, first read EVERYTHING under the previous  ORDERING FAQ  section -- you will need this information to sign-up correctly!

BIZ FAQ # 2:  If you want to sign up to do the Voxx Biz under Greg, simply click here , then click on "Associate Registration" on the menu, and follow the steps. To sign up under ANOTHER Voxx Associate, contact that Voxx Associate for the name of their Voxx Website.

BIZ FAQ # 3: At a minimum, you MUST order the required "Membership Kit" for $40 -- this includes one of the Voxx products at random, which you CANNOT specify.

BIZ FAQ # 4:  If you do NOT want the "Launch Kit" for $200, then un-check itIf you DO want the "Launch Kit" then check it.

BIZ FAQ # 5: As a Rep, if your Back Office order is $200+, then you are entitled to select 1 x FREE BONUS ITEM of your choice. If your order is $400+, then you are entitled to select 4 x FREE BONUS ITEMS of your choice.  If you order is $600+, then you are entitled to select 9 x FREE BONUS ITEMS of your choice.  These dollar amounts are BEFORE taxes and shipping.

BIZ FAQ # 6: Online, Voxxlife will now also accept Mastercard and Visa DEBIT CARDS from the U.S. if you first call ahead to your CC Company and tell them that a charge will be coming through from a Canadian company, ie. Voxx SportsAlert: Voxxlife does NOT accept American Express, even if shown on their website.

= = =


COMPENSATION # 1: The Voxx Compensation Plan is rewarding, simple, straightforward -- there is only 1 leg in this plan. The first important RULE is that you make 25% on all Retail Sales @ your Front Office website. (aka replicated website) WITHOUT reservation or qualification. You make 0% on all Wholesale Sales @ your Back Office website, as wholesale prices have already been discounted 25%.

COMPENSATION # 2: The second important RULE is that you make 20% on all Retail + Wholesale Sales @ a website on your 1st Level (ie. all those people who signed up directly under you as their Sponsor). Qualification: To earn this 20% comish on your 1st Level Downline, you MUST either (1) average $100 in Sales @ your Front + Back Office websites  for the current and prior calendar months -or- (2) subscribe to the Sock of the Month Club for 2 socks ever month at a price of $44. Qualifying for a comish on your 1st Level Downline with Sales of $100 thru your Front Office website alone is actually fairly easy, as many people will want to try out 1-3 products from your Front Office website BEFORE deciding to sign up and do the Voxx Biz. Note: When a new Associate signs up under you, you do NOT make a comish on their mandatory $40  "Membership Kit", but you DO make a comish on their optional $200 "Launch Kit", if purchased. Note:  The purchase of a the optional $200 "Launch Kit" is available only at sign-up and is NOT entitled to the 1 x FREE BONUS ITEM available with any other $200 Back Office order.

COMPENSATION # 3: The third important RULE is that you make 2.5% on all Retail + Wholesale Sales @ a website on your 2nd thru 8th Levels (ie. all those people who signed up under someone other than you as their Sponsor). There are some QUALIFIERS to this rule that can be explored later, as they are NOT important in the early days of your Voxx Biz. The IMPORTANT POINT here is that Retail Sales @ your Front Office website and Retail + Wholesale Sales @ a website on your 1st Level are going to be the BIG MONEY makers under this Voxx Compensation Plan -- sign up everyone you can on your 1st Level. Good luck !!

COMPENSATION # 4: To review the entire Voxxlife 2017 Compensation  Plan click here .

= = =

  # 9  -  TIPS + TRICKS.  

TIP + TRICK # 1: If you have pain, first get it diagnosed before using the Voxx products. Why? Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong and to baby that body part until it is healed or fixed. You do not want to STOP the pain until you know what is CAUSING the pain. For example, let's say you have a small meniscus tear (which can be very painful). Using the Voxx products may disguise the pain to the point where you unknowingly over extend things and create a full meniscus tear. Not good!

TIP + TRICK # 2: While there are NO CONTRAINDICATIONS to using the Voxx products, a VERY FEW people may find the HPT Technology changes their body for the better too quickly, i.e. the socks initiate a detox-herx reaction. Thus, if wearing the socks makes things worse, then wear them only intermittently until you acclimate to the energy, i.e. stop wearing them for 4-8 hours before wearing them again. Conversely, I heard of one VERY SENSITIVE young man who loves and depends on his Voxx socks to improve his situation and would fight you if you tried to take them away from him!

TIP + TRICK # 3: As wonderful as this product seems at immediately re-balancing the body and enabling the body to mitigate various issues, it is only a temporary fix, as typically everything comes back the second you stop wearing the product. However, for many, even a temporary vacation from their issues is a blessingHint: If you want constant relief, then just don't stop wearing the product ;-) -- get insoles for day use and "no show" socks for sleeping, so you are on them 24/7 except for bathing.

TIP + TRICK # 4: While some people notice the benefits of the Voxx socks within minutes or hours, many people may see new or additional benefits after 3-to-30 days.

TIP + TRICK # 5: In some cases, people may see better results with using both the socks and insoles at the same time.

TIP + TRICK # 6: The socks do NOT need to be on the feet to work -- they will also work if the HPT Technology strip is held in the hands.

TIP + TRICK # 7: If someone feels better on the Voxx products, but thinks it might just be the placebo effect or time heals all things, just ask them to STOP using the Voxx products for 2 days -- that will given them their answer!

TIP + TRICK # 8: Your Voxx socks can be expected to last approximately 100 washings -or- 1 year, if treated reasonably well.

TIP + TRICK # 9: Hand wash or gentle wash your Voxx socks -- always inside out. Never expose them to high heat in water or dryer (100 deg. F or 40 deg. C), as this could damage the HPT Technology strip.

TIP + TRICK # 10: If the HPT Technology strip ever has a hole poked in it or is ripped or torn, the Voxx product will likely stop working for you.

TIP + TRICK # 11: Watch the following 1st video with Dayan Henson (Voxx Senior VP) from 7:30 minutes and the 2nd video with Jay Dhaliwal (Voxx Founder & CEO) to learn about the wonderful management philosophy behind Voxxlife.

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