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THE DR. OZ SHOW re PEMF [10:10 min.]  click : This show, "The Revolutionary Cure for Pain", aired on 11-16-11 and instantly put PEMF on the map in the U.S.! Disclaimer: Dr. Oz does not recommend any particular PEMF product, only PEMF in general. If the YouTube link is down, you can download the Dr. Oz Show re PEMF here  click :

JOE's STORY re MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS [4:43 min.]  click : Here, Joe explains why he believes the MRS 2000 helped his multiple sclerosis (MS) after 16 months. Disclaimer: This video is presented solely for educational purposes -- no claim is expressed or implied that PEMF can diagnose-treat-cure MS.

PEMF EFFECT re ROULEAUX BLOOD CELLS [3:43 min, no audio]  click : A Rouleaux formation in the blood is the stacking or aggregation of non-circular, red blood cells  click . Rouleaux is both a cause and indicator of disease, because only single blood cells, not a "clump" of blood cells, can make it through the smallest capillaries in the body (eg. brain + eyes). No circulation = no oxygen = tissue death. Modern medicine does not have a way to undo the Rouleaux formation. Interestingly, as this video shows, both the older MRS 2000 and the newer iMRS can undo the Rouleaux formation in a mere 8 minutes at low intensity!  Further, this video proves that PEMF is not the placebo effect, as it makes a distinct, visible change in the appearance of one's blood.


DR. MAGDA HAVAS re PEMF's EFFECT ON ROULEAU FORMATION [audio, 3:46 min.]  click : Note the very interesting live blood microscopy results that even the lowest intensity of the MRS 2000 appeared to work on this adult woman scientist!


DR. MANNY ALVARZ re PEMF FOR HIS PLANTAR FASCIITIS [2:51 min.]  click : Realize this is a doctor being treated by another doctor, a foot surgeon. He states PEMF technology is being used throughout Europe by medical doctors for arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia, migraines, Parkinson's, etc. While the $20K equipment used on Dr. Manny is not FDA approved, it is already being used by over 500 doctors in the U.S.  p.s. The iMRS is les than 1/4 the price of the PEMF device displayed in this video. Disclaimer: This video is presented solely for educational purposes -- no claim is expressed or implied that PEMF can diagnose-treat-cure anything Dr. Manny discusses herein.

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