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Woman lying on full-body Mat with Control Unit nearby. Compatible with adults, children, and pets.

Omni1 PEMF Tablet-Control Unit. The Omni1 is the "little brother" to the iMRS, as it was designed with portability in mind. I generally recommend the iMRS for home or business use.

Omni Brain. Brain Entrainment via Light (goggles) + Sound (drop down ear buds). Optional.

Side view of Omni1 PEMF Tablet show-ing its various connector portsThe Omni1 can be used as a regular Wi-Fi Tablet when not being used to run the Omni1 PEMF Applicators.

Omni1 PEMF Full-body Mat. Sawtooth Wave. Approx. 67" x 23".

Omni PEMF Pillow-Pad Applicator.  NASA-proven Square wave.

Omni1 Travel Bag. Roughly 2 feet wide (label side) x 12.75" tall x 9.5" deep.

Omni PEMF Spot Applicator. NASA-proven Square wave. Uses the Helmholtz-effect, like a PEMF wind tunnel. Optional.

Omni Backpack.

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