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Woman lying on full-body Mat with Control Unit nearby. Compatible with adults, children, and pets.

Woman using the iMRS PEMF Full-body Mat with Control Unit nearby. May also be used for kids + pets. Non-invasive. No adverse effects - benefits only.

iMRS Finger iMORE Accessory. Bio- feedback device. Measures Heart Rate Varability (HRV) + automatically raises/ lowers intensity based on one's HRV. Optional with "Units", included with "Sets".

iMRS PEMF Control Unit. Features an automatic Organ Clock (per tradition-al Chinese medicine).  N-S Polarity Switching. Easy as a Toaster - just select Applicator-Minutes-Intensity and hit Start. No confusing programs to recall or set.

iMRS iSLRS Accessory. Brain Entrain-ment via Light (goggles) + Sound (drop down ear buds). Optional with "Units" - included with "Sets".

iMRS PEMF Full-body Mat Applicator. Sawtooth Wave. Padded. 68" x 23.2 ".

iMRS Travel Bag. Great for carting your Mat over to a friend's or taking in a car. Not rugged enough for plane travel. Optional.

iMRS PEMF Pillow-Pad Applicator. NASA-proven Square wave. Good for doing small areas, eg. head, shoulder, low back, hips, feet, etc. Padded. 19" x 11". Bemer lacks the Square Wave.

On 10-31-14, Health Canada (akin to FDA) issued a Class 2 Medical Certifi-cation for the iMRS. Thus, for the moment, the iMRS is the only full-body PEMF device that can be purchased legally in all of Canada  click-1   click-2 !

iMRS PEMF Probe-Wand Applicator. NASA-proven Square wave. Good for doing small areas, eg. eyes, teeth, fingers, etc. 4.75".

iMRS FAQ.  For those who are interested in learning all about the technical minutia behind the iMRS -- frequencies, intensities, Square wave, etc  click .

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