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 ( 11-19-10 )





Back in 2006, at age 36, I was working as a personal assistant.  My job was defined very broadly, to say the least.


One of my tasks involved taking care of my employer's 80 pound dog with bone cancer in the back L-hip.  I had to give the dog injections and IVs.  I also had to help the dog outside to eliminate.  While the dog's front legs worked fine, his back legs were nearly useless.  Accordingly, I would put a sling under the dog's hind end, signal him, and he would stand and walk outside with me supporting his hind end via the sling.


As the dog's bed was up against the wall, I had to do the sling thing at a very awkward angle, leaning over sideways. One time, when doing the sling and lifting, I heard my R-hip joint "pop" and a "ting" or electric shock went through my lower R-back.


In the 4 years since then, I have averaged level 2-5 pain daily in my low back.  I just accepted it, as I was able to tolerate pain well.  I gave birth to my daughter without pain killers.


As luck would have it, I met Greg Larsen, a Rep for the MRS-2000, and he suggested I try the Mat for my back pain.


After a day of doing medium physical work, my low back was in level 5 pain and I decided to take Greg up on his offer of a free Mat session.  At the end of the session, amazingly, I was pain-free.  I remember looking back at the Mat and thinking, slightly in disbelief, what just happened, how is this possible?  Regardless, I was still very, very grateful!


Thereafter, if no heavy physical work, doing 1 session every 2 weeks has keep me virtually pain-free.  I do not understand how this works, but it does work!


Sharon Simien

Petaluma, CA, USA

© 2010 Greg Larsen


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