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Call us now to Rent or Purchase !

1.  WHY RENTING MAY BE YOUR BEST OPTION:  Reason #1 - there is NO company return policy on a purchase. If you have only seen the iMRS online and have NOT tried it in person, then renting is your best option, as renting reserves your right to return the unit if not 100% satisfied. Of course, if you have already tried the iMRS somewhere or have had it strongly recommended to you by someone you trust, then consider a purchase. Reason #2 - if you purchase your Rental Unit, all your Rental Fees go towards the purchase price as a credit. Thus, renting-then-purchasing does NOT cost any more than purchasing outright. This is what we call a "NO PENALTY" RENTAL. Reason #3 - renting locks in any company promotion that is in effect, which can be applied to your purchase even if there is NO promotion when you purchase. This is what we call a "PROMO LOCK" RENTALIn sum - you have nothing to lose by renting and everything to gain!

2.  RENTAL BASICS:  The company's Rental Program is applicable throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Only new rental units are shipped by the company, as 85% of people keep their rentals.  The Rental Trial Period is 30 days.  The 30 days starts from when your unit is deliveredNote: Renting-or-purchasing through us entitles you to our unique, proprietary, protocols and personal training which are NOT available elsewhere.

3.  RENTAL FEES:  The Rental Fee is $500 (plus sales tax at delivery address) and the Security Deposit is $1,000 (no sales tax).  Sales tax is based on your delivery address  click .

4.  WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE RENTAL PERIOD:  At the end of the 30 day Rental Trial Period, you are expected to either purchase-or-return the Rental Unit.  If you decide to purchase the unit, the entire $1,500 (plus sales tax) goes towards the purchase price.  In essence, the rental is converted into a 2 Month Installment Plan. Nice!  If you decide to return the unit, the Security Deposit is refunded (via a credit to your your credit card) once the unit is returned to the company, as long as the unit is returned in the "same condition" as at the start of the rental (ie. no more than "normal wear and tear").  Customer pays any return shipping costs.  If returned, be sure to get tracking, so you have proof of the unit's return.

5.  SETUP + TRAINING ON RENTAL UNITS:  Despite the simple interface of the iMRScompetent training on the unit is crucial to getting good results!  The knowledge and experience of the Rep from whom you rent-purchase is a huge factor in getting the most out of your PEMF Mat.  There are a number of "tricks of the trade" that only a very experienced Rep will know.  We have had a dedicated training program for 10 years and have trained 2,000+ people.  This is where we excel, due to our vast experience with PEMF devices.  The setup and training is done by both email and phone.  Superior training truly does lead to superior results!

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