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1.  BEST SELLING FULL-BODY PEMF DEVICE:  For decades, the iMRS and the MRS 2000 (predecessor to the iMRS, last sold formally by the company in 2011), both referred to as the "Mat", has been one of the world's best-selling, full-body, PEMF devices. Why? In a word, consistently superior results!  BTW, and I am only mentioning this because it comes up occasionally, there is no such unit named the iMRS 2000 -- that hybrid name was contrived by one sales team in an attempt to distinguish themselves from other iMRS Reps.


2.  HIGHLY ACCREDITED:  On 10-31-14, Health Canada (akin to FDA) issued a Class 2 Medical Certification for the iMRS click-1   click-2 ! This is further evidence that the iMRS has been and remains a serious PEMF competitor.


3.  "ORGANIC" DESIGN:  One of the most attractive features of the iMRS is that its frequencies and intensities comply with those of the Earth itself. With respect to frequencies, the Earth's frequencies do not exceed about 25-30 Hz. This is validated by 2 things. First, the Adey Biological Window  click-1   click-2  research found that human tissue survives and thrives up to about 25 Hz, but does not fare well beyond those low frequencies. Second, the well-known Delta-Theta-Alpha-Beta brain frequencies  click  do not exceed about 40 Hz. When you realize that cell phones operate in the Magahertz (millions) and Gigahertz (billions) ranges, it becomes clear why you do not want to keep a cell phone too close to your body -- it is frighteningly strong energy that is alien to the well-tuned biology of the human body and likely causes cancer  click . The iMRS does not exceed 20 Hz, so it is well within the Adey Biological Window and is "Earth-compatible" on that score. With respect to intensities, the Earth's electromagnetic field does not exceed about 70 uT (micro-Tesla) or 0.70 Gauss at the North and South Poles (where strongest). Fortunately, the iMRS does not exceed 70 uT (except for the Probe-Wand at higher settings), so it is well within the Earth's frequency ranges and is "Earth-compatible" on that score as well. BTW, the German safety standard, DIN 0848, states that a PEMF device's magnetic field intensity cannot exceed 400 uT (4 Gauss) to be in compliance. In sum, the iMRS is an "organic" PEMF energy wellness device with respect to both frequency and intensity.


4.  PERFECT, GRADUATED INTENSITY:  The iMRS full-body Mat features 6 perfectly circular copper coils, the most perfect way to create an electromagnetic field.  Most other PEMF devices use a wire looping system that is inexpensive and convenient, but less than ideal in terms of results.  Further, due to the fact that the 2 most electrically sensitive parts of the body are the brain and heart, the iMRS accommodates these sensitive organs with smaller coils at the upper end of the full-body Mat where the head is placed.


5.  SENSITIVE INTENSITY FOR SENSITIVE PEOPLE:  Babies and some sensitive adults (eg. chemically-sensitive or electro-sensitive) cannot handle as much PEMF energy as "normal" adults.  To accommodate these "very sensitive" people, the iMRS features a custom, ultra-weak intensity setting called "Sensitive", which registers at only 0.09 uT at the head of the Mat!  A common saying in the PEMF biz is, "Less intensity often delivers more results!"


6.  BIORYTHM CLOCK:  The iMRS features a Chinese Biorhythm Organ Clock that automatically uses a higher frequency in the am to energize the body and a lower frequency in the pm to calm and prepare the body for sleep.


7.  SAWTOOTH + SQUARE WAVE:  The iMRS features 2 different waves. The full-body Mat features the triple sawtooth wave, which supports the body's circulation, elimination, alkalinity, and relaxation. The Pillow-Pad and Probe-Wand applicators feature the square wave, which Dr. Thomas Goodwin, PhD of NASA in 2003 found was the only energy that was able to repair traumatized nerve tissue that was otherwise refractory to healing.  This discovery  led to his filing a square wave device patent in 2009  click-1   click-2 .  Note that Dr. Goodwin's square wave device, like the iMRS, was very low energy, with an intensity of only 5-50 uT (0.05-0.5 Gauss).  So much for the notion that it takes a lot of energy to create a change in the body!


8.  NORTH-SOUTH POLARITY SWITCHING:  Both polarities offer benefits, and the iMRS, unlike some PEMF devices, does feature N-S Polarity Switching.


9.  CONTROL UNIT POWERED BY DC VOLTAGE, NOT AC VOLTAGE:  The Earth's electromagnetic field is DC-like and is certainly not AC-like.  AC voltage, 120-volt, 60 Hz here in the U.S., is man-made, ie. not found in nature, and is actually harmful to the human body.  Most PEMF devices bring this harmful AC energy right up into the Control Unit during a PEMF session, which is typically positioned close to the body, even the head -- not the best approach!  You can tell this, because these units use a 3-prong plug. Wisely, the iMRS uses a converter plug, which allows only DC voltage to come from the wall outlet to the Control Unit.


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