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Woman lying on full-body Mat with Control Unit nearby. Compatible with adults, children, and pets.

1 - WHY PEMF.  Why is Earth-compatible PEMF energy so crucial to the human body?   INTRO TO THE iMRS  click .

6 - SCIENCE. Here are the sometimes dry, hard-core clinical studies in support of PEMF, for those so inclined.

iMRS Control Unit

2 - WHY iMRS. Why is the iMRS such a great PEMF choice for home or business?

7 - VIDEOS. Tired of reading? Try watch-ing!

OMNIUM1 Tablet

3 - WHY OMNIUM1. When is the Omnium1, the "little brother" to the iMRS, a good choice?

8 - STORIES + MISC. iMRS PEMF stories and miscellaneous PEMF links.

FAUNA System

4 - WHY FAUNA SYSTEM. Have horses? The Fauna System was designed to do PEMF sessions easily and rapidly on any number of large animals.

9 - PROMO + MODELS.  Is the company offering any deals this month? NOTE: The company sets prices, NOT Reps!

5 - WHY US.  Why you want to rent or purchase an iMRS from us and not those fast-talking sales types.

10 - DISCLAIMER. Necessary legal ver-biage.

Home - Intro to iMRS


( World's  Best-selling  Home  PEMF  Device )

This website is about the iMRS.  "iMRS" is an acronym standing for "Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation". The iMRS is a PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) device, specifically designed for ultra safe, home and clinical use. Here is an interesting  INTRO + FAQ to the iMRS  click .

Why is the iMRS the top wellness item in many households, even edging out the great supplements we take? Simply because "organic", Earth-compatible, magnetic energy is so absolutely crucial to the overall vibrance and vitality of the human body. As the PEMF page points out, the only thing more important than oxygen ( click ) in keeping the body alive, youthful, and happy is magnetic energy! This is not just conjecture on our part but a fact proven by thousands of studies worldwide, a sampling of which can be found on the SCIENCE page  click .

Modern humans were first alerted to the fact that magnetic energy played a crucial role in the prosperity and well-being of the human body when, back in the 1960-70s, astronauts and cosmonauts who were "top of their class" were placed in orbit, where the Earth's magnetic field was very weak, and within a mere 1-2 hours they were significantly compromised -- mentally, emotionally, and physically. To neutralize this "space sickness" due to magnetic field deficiency, the American and Russian space agencies started sending man-made magnetic wave generators into space as standard equipment. The spectacular results in orbit led to clinical studies back on Earth, which, in turn, led to the birth of the world-wide PEMF  industry! This history is detailed on the PEMF page  click .

So, why would you rent or purchase an iMRS? Simply because the iMRS restores-rejuvinates the all-important, natural, magnetic field energy in and around the human body that is depleted by the constant bombardment of deadly, high frequency ElectroSmog, which is ubiquitous in modern, urban living  click .

The iMRS does not act like a drug, which attempts to fix a specific, diagnosed problem in the body by chemically forcing it in a new, hopefully beneficial direction, which approach is often accompanied by a laundry list of serious, adverse reactions. In fact, we are fond of saying that a PEMF device, like the iMRS, diagnoses, treats, or cures nothing.  click .

Rather, the iMRS PEMF device simply restores power to all of the body's 37 Trillion cells, including the immune system, so that the body then has the energy to re-balance itself into harmony, as intended by Nature and God. This aproach to wellness is both non-invasive and without side effects, amazing!

If you have never tried the iMRS in person, then you should first rent one of the 3 iMRS models, as there is no return policy on a purchase.  All the benefits of our wonderful iMRS rental option are listed on the RENTAL FAQ page  click .

We hope you grow to love and rely on your iMRS, as we have loved and relied on ours for years. We are patient and caring and have a long-established reputation for providing excellent PEMF protocols and service. We welcome your call!

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Hint:  If shopping for an iMRS or Omnium1 or Fauna system (horsesbe sure to check out the PRICES page  click  !!

Hint:  We feel strongly that the iMRS is both far superior to in results and less expensive than its competitor, the Bemer. Here are our reasons why  click .

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